Course curriculum

  • 1

    Fundamentals of OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

    • Understanding SQL Injections

    • Understanding Command Injection

    • Broken Authentication Vulnerabilities

    • Sensitive Data Exposure and Disclosure

    • Understanding XXE Attacks

    • Broken Access Control Vulnerabilties

    • Security Misconfigurations

    • Understanding XSS Vulnerabilities

    • Insecure Deserialization Vulnerabilities

    • Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities

    • Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

  • 2

    Kali Linux and Hacking Tools

    • Installing Virtual Enviroments in Windows

    • Installing Kali Linux

    • Installing Apache and Vulnerable Web Apps

    • DNS Analysis Tools

    • IDS and IPS Detection Tools

    • Live Host Identification Tools

    • Network and Port Scanners Tools

    • OSSINT Tools

    • How to use enum4linux

    • How to use Dmitry

    • How to use Recon-ng

    • How to use Sparta

    • How to use Nikto

    • How to use unix-privesc-check

    • How to use wpscan

    • How to use Burp Suite

    • How to use wfuzz

    • How to use commix

    • How to use sqlmap

    • How to use Metasploit

  • 3

    Android Mobile Penetration Testing

    • Setting up an Android test enviroment

    • Setting up adb and apps

    • Decompiling apks

    • Exploiting Insecure Logging

    • Exploiting Hardcoding Issues

    • Obtaining a Rooted Emulator

    • Exploiting Insecure Data Storage

    • Exploiting Poor Input Validation

    • Installing Drozer

    • Finding Exposed Attack Surfaces

    • Exploiting Exported Activities

    • Exploiting Exported Content Providers

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